“Ramella is truly by far the BEST dog trainer my family and I have had the pleasure of working with. We have 2 American Eskimos and 1 Schnauzer mix that were all just out of control. They barked constantly at everything from birds, vacuums, lawn mowers to UPS trucks and even barked at my family and I when we walked in the door. It was very frustrating…” (Read More)

Heather Mauro

“Ramella’s Canine Academy was great. They helped us tremendously with our puppy. They really know everything about dogs. They can answer any questions I ask.”


-Kristen Ward, Gretta

“I was given Ramella’s information by a local vet. Ramella told me to write down every question I had about my dog. She came over and discussed all the concerns of my family with the entire family…” (Read More)


Alicia Rodman, Simba

“…It was amazing to see. And Ramella explained what was happening between the dogs and how they were communicating. I learned a lot about dogs during the two hour session. I am very impressed with Ramella’s knowledge of and confidence with dogs.
And she tells it like it is. I trusted her very shortly into the session. ” (Read More)


Barbara Monahan, Dash

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