Person and Pet Match

Persons who are interested in bringing a pet dog into their lives and are eager to get started will often times turn to either rescuing a dog or purchasing a dog.  What is often times overlooked is will this be the right pet for me and my family dynamic?  Emotions will often times take hold in the decision making process of bringing the dog into your home.  Families will always have honorable intentions during the decision making process only to find that this MAY have been the wrong dog for the wrong family at the wrong time.  As a certified Master Dog Trainer and Rehabilitator working with multiple family dynamics for many years, I offer to remove that guessing game out of the equation.

I will come to your home meet with your family, ask a series of questions and learn YOUR FAMILY. and YOUR intentions.  As I begin a new relationship with you, I will work patiently and tirelessly along with  you and your family in locating the right pet for you.  We will continue our journey with the new pet as a new addition to your family to set the tone and the foundation of properly assimilating, training, bonding and cultivating many blissful years of companionship into your life as well as your pets life.