December 22, 2012

We adopted a dog from a shelter and it was biting my sons.
We started training with another company but he continued to bite.
We made an appointment with Ramella to determine the dogs temperament and learn how we could train him.

Ramella came to our house, opened the door and the dog bit her! She sprayed air at the dog and it kept attacking.
She said most shelter dogs have a mid line temperament but this dog is red zone, off the chart.

She showed and explained the dog’s behavior. She told us what a normal dog would do. The dog started to back down a bit.
Then we took the dog outside to see how he would react with two of Ramella’s dogs. He was submissive. It was amazing to see. And Ramella explained what was happening between the dogs and how they were communicating. I learned a lot about dogs during the two hour session.

I am very impressed with Ramella’s knowledge of and confidence with dogs.
And she tells it like it is. I trusted her very shortly into the session.

Our dog needed a great deal of rehabilitation. We saw how he was starting to breakdown in the two hours Ramella spent with us. And we also saw there was a tremendous amount of work to be done with him.
We do not have the ability to do the work that needed to be done so we returned the dog. (The shelter should have never allowed this dog to be adopted in the first place!)

I suggest you contact Ramella first if you are looking for a dog. She can find the right dog for you! And if you are having issues with a dog she can help you either train the dog, or you or she can guide you to another solution that is right for both you and the dog.

We called Ramella a week after we returned the dog and asked if she would find us a dog.
She said she could find us the perfect dog but we would have to be patient.
We waited only two months and on December 21 the perfect dog came into our life!

Ramella called the next day to see how it was going with our new dog. And she made herself available for future conversations. She cares. It is important for the dog to be in the right place. This is a quality that is rare in today’s world.

Btw, we did not pay any money for the dog. The family he belonged to could not give him the quality care that they gave him in the past. If Ramella was not involved with this dog, he may have ended up in a shelter. Now he is with us and we are giving him the best care and lots of love.

The lesson I learned from this experience is; I have to know the kind of dog I am looking for, not just the breed but also the personality and temperament. And I have to trust and utilize a qualified professional, like Ramella, to find the perfect match.

I call Ramella the dog whisperer because she has a natural talent and passion for working with dogs. She say, “Dog ownership is easy when there is a perfect match”!

-Barbara Monahan, Dash