June 7, 2013

Ramella is truly by far the BEST dog trainer my family and I have had the pleasure of working with. We have 2 American Eskimos and 1 Schnauzer mix that were all just out of control. They barked constantly at everything from birds, vacuums, lawn mowers to UPS trucks and even barked at my family and I when we walked in the door. It was very frustrating and we were not at all enjoying our beautiful dogs. Ramella came to our home and within 2 hours all 3 dogs were allowing guests in the home, allowing me to vacuum and watched the lawn mower without making a sound. Our lives, both my family and the dogs, have improved tremendously. We are now able to walk our dogs without having them bark at dogs we are walking passed and their owners. Ramella’s time was one of the greatest purchases we have made in the last 14 years since purchasing the dogs! Ramella is also there for my family if we text her or reach out to her for guidance or just to tell her how proud we are of our dogs! Ramella needs to be a part of your family! We cannot say enough about her and we HIGHLY recommend Ramella’s Canine Academy for all your dogs needs from behavior issues to just getting out of the house! Thanks Ramella, we all love you over in the Mauro home!

-Heather Mauro